Oluseyi Kolade

Falling in love with my True Self

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In December 2007, my mom sent me an intriguing text, saying she had something that would change my life. Excited, I invited her straight over. With images of a fat cheque coming my way, you can imagine my disappointment when she handed me a DVD of The Secret. Little did I know how massive this small gift was; this moment was the beginning of the end of my life as it knew it. Not only would this cheesy docudrama about the Law of Attraction be a much desired catalyst for change, it would save my life.

At the time, I felt like I was dying inside and didn't know why, or how to do anything about it. The Secret contained information which spoke to the part of me desperate for love. A part of me I had abandoned, ignored and abused. I received messages for my soul, my spirit, my True Self - True 'Seyi - to wake up and get down to the important work of falling in love with my Self and letting my light shine.

Ever since that day I have been on a quest. 

A quest to fall truly, deeply, and unconditionally in love with my Self.

In the beginning I didn't know what that meant, or who that Self was. All I knew was that all of my life I had yearned for something more. I needed to find out what the yearning was about. Officially "sick and tired of being sick and tired," my heart knew something in the Law of Attraction was going to help me understand, and find out who I truly was.

How long have you been waiting for Real Love? How long have you been waiting to shine? Do you believe that you are worthy of Love? Do you know that you have a part of you that is and has always been perfect, whole and is waiting, reaching out, yearning for you, to love your Self completely and unconditionally; to lead a life that surpasses all of your wildest dreams? Do you know that? How can you stand to wait a moment longer?

You're in the right place my lovely. It is never too late to fall in Love with your Self.

This website, my blog, and YouTube channel have been created so I can share my quest with you my lovely. You have come here for a reason, and that is because your soul, your True Self, is yearning to be heard and loved. Moreover, your True Self is yearning to love you.

This love cannot be found anywhere except within your Self. There is nothing outside of yourself that will suffice. There is a part of you that was never damaged, wounded or broken. There is a part of you that knows the Truth of Who you are, because your True Self is "the direct descendent of the highest order of royalty in the Kingdom."

From the beginning of time your True Self has been calling out to you in a gentle little voice. Now you are ready to listen.

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Find a place where you can be still and won't be interrupted for at least ten minutes. Place both of your hands over your heart. Close your eyes, and focus your attention into your heart.  Take a deep breathe and breathe into that space. Focus on the place where your physical heart beats life giving oxygen-filled blood around your body. In the same location dwells your spirit heart. Can you feel the love? Take a deep breathe. Imagine a beautiful peachy-pink rose bud closed tight beneath your hands. Take another breathe. Using your amazing imagination, see it opening, blooming, the petals growing before your (minds) eyes. Take a deep breathe. Each petal so delicate, covered with a velveteen layer that looks like fairy dust. Take a deep breath and breathe in the subtle scent of the rose. Allow your heart-rose to open and allow love in. See yourself as the most perfect Self you can imagine, your features free from all of your perceived flawed. see your True Self holding your physical body and sending it waves of rose filled love. sink into that feeling, and while breathing deeply, stay there for a few minutes, allowing yourself to be loved. Feel the soft touch of love flow around every part of your body, caressing your cheeks, stroking your back. If you knew how much you are loved by God, your True Self and your Spiritual Team it would blow your mind, so in this space just allow in the amount of love you can cope with in this moment, and then allow in just a little bit more. After five minutes, take three deep breaths and come back into the room. Wiggle your toes, and fingers. Roll your head gently around and stretch your arms above your head. Thank your True Self for showing you this love, and take that love into the rest of your day,


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The intent of the founder is to offer information of a general nature, to help you in your journey for emotional well-being. In the event you use any of the information or techniques offered here, you do so on the understanding that you have made the decision, therefore the founder, Oluseyi Kolade, assumes no responsibility for your decisions,  actions or any outcomes.